Hello. My name is Aaron Benavides. I live in Austin, TX.

I’m an artist exploring the ways that intentional experience can change the way we view/live our lives. My main passion is crafting events/happenings/parties/experiences that allow you make new connections whether physically, intellectually, socially or spiritually (hopefully all at once). I have a wide and eclectic range of interests and throwing event sis the best way I’ve found to combine them all into one. Based on my previous experiences having had my life radically changed by an event or a party I seek to give that back to the people who come to my events and also to the people I collaborate with. Below are some of my main projects.

Though I have many eclectic interests Music was my first. I’m a vocalist, dancer, DJ, and producer/songwriter performing mostly under the name Shadowsweat.

My goal as a DJ is to create those unique moments on the dancefloor through the juxtaposition of elements you wouldn’t think go together in theory, but in reality blend beautifully. With a defiantly “anything goes” eclectic style his DJ sets, be ready for left turns and curveballs throughout, but you can expect all my tracks to have a healthy dose of rhythm and percussion, an ever present bounce and funk, and a healthy dose of Bathos. Nimbly swerving through all kinds of genres, from bouncy tech-house, to psychedelic turkish disco, deep folkloric cumbia jams, to juicy tribal freakouts, Dirty south hip hop instrumentals, free-jazz funk workout and everywhere in between. I scour the virtually any avenue possible all over the world to find the most interesting and unexplored territory in music and present it to the listener in a totally fun and unpretentious atmosphere, frequently populating my sets with exclusive edits and original tracks as well.

As a producer my work defies categorization. Exploring new moods and atmosphere with nimble percussion and heavy rhythm, solid bass, otherwordly sound design, with my voice at the center. I consider the voice the first synthesizer and I use mine (in combination with electronics) to create strange unheard sounds and impart my feelings and thought. I would say that my music is just as strange, unpredictable, and groovy as my DJ sets, eschewing genres and labels and focusing on what really matters: emotion and atmosphere.

I run a monthly event called Night Tropics at an awesome club called Dozen Street. The idea behind the night is to explore interesting and exotic moods and atmospheres that you won’t find on any other dancefloors in Austin. We strive to create a deep and intimate atmosphere where you can feel free to get weird and silly. We’re also providing a place where we can explore new avenues for bizarre, fun and experimental performance art and music.

I’m part of a group called Touch Collective that seeks to explore new modes of experience by combining sound, light, food, performance, and audience interactivity through a series of installations all pertaining to a single theme. The idea is to explore all of your senses. Get Durty. TOUCH the ART!

And most recently I’ve started a weekly Podcast called Rhythmicity. It’s a show where i interview artists of all media whose work relates to live experience (this includes event promoters, DJs, Chefs, Dancers, and more) and I ask them about their daily habits and rituals that help them with their creative process. Basically I dig into the rhythms of their day to day lives and try to find out their best tactics and habits to get their audience grooving to the same beat.

Feel free to explore the site and leave comments. Let me know what you think of the music and all the content and who you’d like to hear me interview next.

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