Rhythmicity Podcast ep. 2 Jeremy von Stilb

Hello! Here is episode 2 of the Rhythmicity Podcast. In this episode I talk to one of my favorite DJs and party promoters in Austin: Jeremy von Stilb or aka Mouthfeel. I’ve long felt really impressed by him and the types of events he throws. He has such a joy for the concepts for parties and a great diversity in the themes and the crowds, bringing in all genders, races, and sexualities together.

We talk about some of his daily routines and get into his backstory, we discuss coming up with party themes, we learn the origin of the Mouthfeel parties at Cheer up Charlie’s, we get into the philosophy of DJing and of throwing events and how to keep promotion artistic, yet effective and so much more.

It was an absolute pleasure to talk to him and he had me laughing the whole time. hope you enjoy this conversation. thanks!

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