Rhythmicity Podcast ep. 3 Kami Wilt

Hello again! Welcome to the Rhythmicity Podcast, where I talk to artists about the daily habits and rituals that keep them on beat and in time with the world around them.

In this episode I talk to Kami Wilt, the founder and owner of The Austin Tinkering School, The Austin Maker Faire, and a founding member of the Fabulous art collective Vision Gland which I have helped out with occasionally.
In this episode we cover all kinds of great topics from her inspiration for starting the Tinkering School, her philosophy behind teaching, how leaving her phone at work all weekend has helped her to calm down and connect with her family and her life and whole lot more. Some beautiful stuff about the nature of education and the mindset we have to enter if we really want to learn something. I had so much fun talking to her about this. Hope you enjoy it as well!

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