About Me

Aaron Benavides is a Sound Artist, DJ, Producer, Vocalist, Project Manager, and Creative Director living and working in Austin, TX. Though he specializes in Audio, his larger aim is to engineer immersive experiences and events that improve our relationships with ourselves, our communities, and our environment by exploring themes of human interaction and intimacy, and recontextualizing mundane sensations to give people an alternate glimpse into the richness of the world that surrounds them. 


2018 - Museum of Human Achievement, "Yantra," Austin, TX (Sound and Experience Design)

2018 -  Guan Yin Tea House, "Fuzzz 2.0," Austin TX. Austin, TX(Creative Director, DJ, and Sound Design as part of Touch Collective)

2017 - Austin Tinkering School, "The Psychedome,"Austin, TX (Sound Design as part of Vision Gland)

2017 - Native Hostel, "E.A.S.T. Art Bash, " Austin, TX (Sound Design for immersive AudioVisual installation w/Dominique Davis)

2017 - Guan Yin Tea House, "Fuzzz 1.0" Austin, TX (Creative Director, DJ and Sound Design as part of Touch Collective)

2016 - University of Texas Neurology Dept. "Brain Cave," Austin, TX (interactive installation using the audience's brain waves to affect music and visuals w/Dominique Davis)


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